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Knowledge leads to experience. Experience leads to perfection. Perfection leads to Nobili Furniture.

Classics from a different angle

The name Nobili indicates the strenght, means the energy that inspires you and makes you wake up what's best in you... makes you to want more, to laugh and enjoy every moment spent in the beauty, elegance and comfort of a environment you are in... and yes, it really does represents the classics from a different angle.

Highest quality

Almost every raw material we work with, is pure product of our beautiful planet. We bring the very best from our nature to your home.

Who are we?

We are a company engaged in the production and implementation of interior and exterior wood produced in an effort to create a special environment for hotels, wellness and spa centers, residences, commercial spaces, restaurants, and making your home more comfortable and enjoyable place to stay.

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Nobili cares about customers

Nobili doors are more fire resistant than any other doors that you can find on the market. Nobili have developed a new technology for protecting your home from outer impact, especially fire. As a result, Nobili received the Certificate SRPS ISO 834.

Interior Design, Wooden Doors and Windows

We are a special wood and door Production Firm fuelled by desire for perfection, innovation and attention to detail. With our knowledge, skills and experience we can deliver top quality product for our clients. We are drawn by perpetual self-improvement, always striving to further upgrade our designs and crafts so as to meet the needs of ever changing market. Our solutions are tailor- made to suit our clients and their specific needs. We are dedicated to making our clients satisfied. We are Nobili Furniture.

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